Business Strategies, Espace Stratégies

Concrete and Mobilizing Strategic Solutions

to reach new heights

We help our clients reach their goals by creating the space they need to provoke thought, identify the real issues and mobilize stakeholders in the development of their organization and community. By working in partnership with our clients, we accelerate the creation of value for their organization and community.

Advisory Services

We offer a range of consulting services to help you assess opportunities and prioritize projects to create a shared, concrete vision for your organization.


Our strategic approach applies to organizations of all types, whether they’re a municipality, a nonprofit, an economic development corporation, a college or a corporation. Our deep understanding of economic and social ecosystems enables us to create productive connections and unique linkages.


To adapt to the trends and dynamics that can have an impact on your organization and its environment, you need to identify and understand them. We specialize in many of these themes, and can help you integrate them wisely into your organization.