Studies, Analyses and Research

Espace Stratégies is an experienced firm that has conducted numerous studies, analyses and research across a spectrum of projects.


Studies, Espace Stratégies

Conducting a Strategic Study, Analyses and Research

Undertaking studies facilitates informed decision-making, determining whether to proceed with a project or opportunity and establishing parameters for success.

The study might seek to obtain:

  • snapshot of a specific situation, whether in the activities of a region, population, employment sector, or competitive market, to better understand the current state or facilitate decision-making.
  •  Clarification of the feasibility of a project before developing a business plan, for instance, for a company looking to develop a new product or service.
  • A critical mass of information to gauge market trends in a business study, through qualitative (perception and needs) and quantitative analyses (data collected through surveys or analyses).
  •  Strategic information, derived from analyses, for an institution or non-profit organization aiming to launch a new value-added project, such as an incubator, an entrepreneurial school, an innovation lab, or any other transformative structure for the organization and its environment.
  • Elements of expertise to better define a specific project currently under consideration, such as a municipal development strategy, a strategic initiative, or others.

What is the Timeline for Conducting a Study?

The duration varies based on needs, typically ranging from approximately 2  to 6 months, depending on the depth and scope of the project to define.


What are the Deliverables Following a Study?

The results of a study are typically delivered in a report, in Word or PDF format, containing all elements of the studies, analyses and research conducted.

The deliverable itself depends on the depth of research and analyses performed and the pursued objective.

Espace Stratégies can adapt the result according to the organization, targeting specific analyses elements to meet your needs or painting a broader picture encompassing all parameters under study.


The Espace Stratégies Approach

Espace Stratégies is an independent firm capable of providing an external perspective on your organization’s challenges. Our position as an external collaborator enables us to bring fresh ideas and challenge certain problematic status quos. We regularly work with public and municipal organizations, businesses, non-profits, investors and the government. Our understanding of various stakeholders and their needs allows us to establish relevant connections. 


Other Services

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Colleges & CCTT








MRC de Papineau

In its latest strategic planning exercise, the MRC de Papineau asked the Espace Stratégies team to conduct an analysis of best practices in municipal management innovations. This analysis enabled the MRC to consider new value-added services for municipalities in its territory.


Powered by the City of Laval and the Société de transport de Laval. Development of the incubator’s business plan, its financial structure for the next 3 years for development, implementation and deployment. Development of partnership strategy with ecosystem actors. Raised $225,000 in funding in 2018.

Pôle régional d'innovation de Laval

Advising in creating (project submission to the government) and implementing PRIL. It was one of the first projects announced by the government and received funding of $1.6 million in June 2018.


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