Cities & Municipalities, Espace Stratégies


Since 2007, Espace Stratégies has been supporting public decision-makers and their teams at all levels of municipal action: villages, boroughs, cities, municipalities and regional county municipalities. Our distinctive and innovative approach, based on local community mobilization and a deep understanding of the territory’s ecosystems, enables us to create development strategies that are both credible and sustainable.



  • Do you need guidance in territorial planning or the implementation of your strategic plan due to a lack of time, internal resources, or to benefit from independent expertise?
  • Do you find yourself with a new economic development competence but lack internal knowledge to plan it effectively?
  • Are you dealing with a new governance structure in your territory?
  • Do you want to establish a long-term vision for the territory in collaboration with elected officials?
  • Do you want to foster collaboration among all stakeholders in your ecosystems and avoid working in silos?

Our team can:

  • Develop a comprehensive and inclusive strategic plan, taking into account all stakeholders in the territory
  • Provide expert guidance in implementing strategies, tools, action plans and prioritizing your projects
  • Find a relevant and distinctive economic positioning for the organization
  • Engage socio-economic stakeholders, for example, to better align with their needs or establish an economic forum
  • Assist your organization in project submissions for an incubator, accelerator, or any other structuring project
  • Support the development of a business plan requiring a certain level of complexity
  • Conduct an organizational diagnosis, provide support in human resources management or recruitment
  • Update the socio-economic profile of the territory
  • Plan the structure of your commercial arteries and create a commercial development strategy
  • Plan the development of your industrial parks
  • Consider sustainable development in territorial planning or development, as well as in structuring projects



Espace Stratégies has extensive experience in municipal strategic planning and all its derivatives, including economic development, municipal structures, organizational development, development plans, as well as knowledge of local actors and their needs. Our team is multidisciplinary and has expertise in a range of fields such as urban planning, land use planning, sustainable development, economic development, commercial development and industrial development.

This ecosystem knowledge also gives us direct access to a variety of contacts and experts in all these fields, nationwide. This knowledge, combined with our adaptability and agility, enables us to meet very specific needs and obtain the necessary and appropriate expertise for your projects.


City of Terrebonne

The City of Terrebonne turned to Espace Stratégies for support throughout its strategic planning exercise, partly conducted online and in a context of consulting numerous stakeholders. Espace Stratégies also participated in drafting the City’s 2020-2025 action plan.

Papineau RCM

Comprising 25 municipalities across a vast territory, the Papineau MRC, facing changes in its institutional environment, engaged Espace Stratégies to assist in its strategic planning process. The objectives were to define a common vision for territorial development, identify upcoming needs and challenges, formulate goals and targets for the coming years and establish a plan to foster community development.

Municipality of Saint-Sulpice

The appointment of a new mayor in Saint-Sulpice provided an ideal context for the municipality’s first strategic planning exercise. To help envision its future and explore opportunities for the development and revitalization of its territory, the municipality turned to Espace Stratégies. This exercise identified three directions aligned with the municipality’s commitment to sustainable development: revitalizing the village core, developing quality services and facilities for citizens and optimizing municipal organization.