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Vision and Long-Term Framework


Every organization should establish a vision to define its guidelines and project itself into the future. The vision represents the desired outcome over a certain period (typically 5 or 10 years) and serves as a beacon as the organization navigates through its various opportunities and challenges.

Without a clear vision, the organization risks moving blindly, taking detours, possibly never reaching the desired goal. The vision, among other things, sets the tone for strategic reflection.



A clear vision mobilizes all stakeholders of the organization towards a common direction and fuels the strategies and projects that will follow. Based on the vision, you can more easily determine the targets to be achieved, as well as the strategic priorities for the coming years. This ensures the consistency of choices and directs actions towards medium and long-term goals that will help the organization structure, develop and sustain itself.

For example, if a company aims to double its revenue, it is important that the actions taken over the years gradually lead it to the accomplishment of its goal. The vision serves as a guide that will help maintain its DNA and better direct the strategic reflections conducted by the organization over the years.



The vision is typically determined by the management team, the board of directors, or representatives of the organization who set the direction they want to give it. Subsequently, it extends to the rest of the team and colors all operations.

Espace Stratégies can assist organizations in developing their vision through participatory workshops or as an integral part of the strategic planning process. This long-term framework will be defined with the participation of the working committee and stakeholders, taking into account the organization’s positioning and development ambitions.

Having a clear and mobilizing vision is also essential for the development and deployment of new strategic initiatives, as it will measure the relevance of projects and validate that they bring the organization closer to its medium and long-term targets.



Espace Stratégies is an independent firm capable of providing an external perspective on the challenges facing your organization. The approach we have developed is inclusive, participatory and collaborative. It directly engages the client in the implementation of the growth strategy.

At the end of the process, the client has already integrated the solutions raised during the workshops because they have participated in the entire reflection. They are thus able to take ownership of the tools that allow them to develop their autonomy. We encourage our clients to go further in workshops and commit to evaluating ideas with an external and independent perspective.



To address various growth themes, Espace Stratégies offers several advisory services. In the case of vision and long-term framework, the most relevant services are:

For Whom?

Colleges & CCTT

Innovative Businesses



Economic development organizations

Commercial development corporations

Cities & Municipalities



In 2020, L’Arrêt-Source, a shelter for young women, sought the services of Espace Stratégies to help pinpoint its internal and external challenges, clarify its strategic positioning and long-term vision and determine its major strategic directions. Once these major directions were adopted, ES assisted the organization in identifying the best development avenues.

Expansion Dieppe

Expansion Dieppe supports businesses in its territory in New Brunswick in realizing their projects. In 2020, Expansion Dieppe chose Espace Stratégies to support it in a strategic process to develop a long-term vision for the organization. ES based its support on the 3 strategic Ps: a participatory process to mobilize stakeholders, the definition of a relevant positioning aligned with the reality of the ecosystem and the development of an efficient plan that encourages the implementation of high-impact actions.

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