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Espace Stratégies traces its roots to the vision of entrepreneur Jocelyn Gagnon, who established Groupe SCF in 2007. He laid the foundation for our company by drawing upon his expertise in business strategies and finance. He built a company shaped by his years of experience in both public and private organisations that led him to economic development and business strategy.

In 2011, a partnership with trusted collaborator Claude Dionne transformed Groupe SCF into DIONNE + GAGNON. The company built its reputation across Quebec, serving municipalities, regional county municipalities (RCMs), economic development organisations, businesses and non-profit organisations. Our team gradually expanded to help clients acquire sustainable growth tools.

In 2016, we rebranded as Espace Stratégies to reflect our focus on strategic consulting for territories and organisations.

Nancy Guay joined the company’s leadership in 2018 as a partner. A former client of Espace Stratégies, she was seeking new challenges when Jocelyn Gagnon approached her to eventually take over the reins of the company. She continues to shape our organisation with her background in economic development and entrepreneurial experience. Her goals include extending our approach to operationalising the strategies we develop for our clients.

Espace Stratégies is currently in a new period of growth. Our dedicated team has diverse profiles and expertise in economic development, sustainable development, urban planning, finance and economics, communication, governance and organisational development.

These are the strengths of Espace Stratégies—a combination of expertise and a unique strategic approach to help you create value within society.