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Strategic Advisory, Espace Stratégies

What is strategic advisory?

Strategic advisory is a tailored service, adapting to the unique needs of each client to assist them in unlocking the full potential of their organization. This bespoke approach enables us to address a variety of specific challenges that may impact your organization, within a timeframe suited to each situation.

Espace Stratégies boasts a team of advisors with diverse backgrounds, expertise, and experiences, encompassing economic development, sustainable development, urban planning, growth strategies and governance. All of this contributes to a nuanced, independent, and relevant external perspective for each organization, enabling progress.

What is the timeline for the completion of strategic advisory services?

Espace Stratégies offers support tailored to the specificities of your situation, taking into consideration your deadlines and availability. These services can take the form of occasional assistance, on a monthly basis, or they can be more intensively scheduled over a short duration, such as for project design or development.


What situations could benefit from strategic advisory?

Strategic advisory is ideal in the following scenarios :

  • Leadership guidance in operational management
  • Updating a strategic plan or an action plan
  • Implementing a strategic plan
  • Occasional support for a value-added project
  • Addressing specific challenges
  • Preparation for meetings with the board of directors, a council of mayors or elected officials, the management committee, the leadership team, or shareholders
  • Developing documents for presentations to potential public and private investors
  • Business model review


How can Espace Stratégies assist you? 

Espace Stratégies is an independent firm capable of providing an external perspective and fresh insights into your organization’s challenges. Our position as an external partner enables us to bring forth original ideas and question certain status quos that may pose challenges. We collaborate with public and municipal organizations, as well as businesses, non-profits, investors and institutional environments. Our understanding of the various stakeholders in these sectors and their needs allows us to establish relevant connections and synergies.


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ABZAC, an international leader in the cardboard transformation sector, experiencing significant growth, called upon Espace Stratégies to enhance customer service performance and efficiency. The objective was to establish and maintain synergy between production sites and the company’s business sectors (change management).

Care Montréal et Cap Saint-Barnabé

In 2022, Care Montreal and Cap Saint-Barnabé, two organizations dedicated to assisting individuals experiencing homelessness, decided to merge their services. Espace Stratégies provided strategic advisory to ensure the efficiency of the consolidation process. ES assisted Cap and Care in identifying the most relevant business model to preserve the value proposition of both organizations. This included determining the strategic positioning and development vision of the future organization, and implementing the necessary changes for a seamless and effective transition.

Conseil supérieur de l'éducation

Following an extensive consultation phase conducted by the Institut du Nouveau Monde, the Conseil Supérieur de l’Éducation enlisted the services of Espace Stratégies for the drafting and updating of its strategic planning. This encompassed key aspects including vision, internal and external context, challenges, strategic directions and targeted outcomes. The collaboration facilitated a fresh perspective on the organization, leading to the refinement and updating of its priorities.