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Innovative Businesses

Since its inception in 2007, Espace Stratégies has been working with businesses seeking innovation across various sectors: services, technology, manufacturing and more.

Companies often face rapid growth, presenting numerous challenges that require agile management of cash flows, human resources, innovation and research and development investments. Espace Stratégies can guide the company in its journey to reach its full potential, addressing various situations such as:

  • Your company is at a plateau and seeking its next phase of growth
  • Your company experiencing a growth crisis
  • You wish to launch new products or services that require the development of a marketing strategy
  • You are caught up in day-to-day operations and lack time to assess all your opportunities and develop a growth strategy
  • You need swift intervention to address an urgent issue hindering your growth
  • You have a business project but need to be surrounded by an ecosystem of experts



Espace Stratégies collaborates with businesses of all sizes with a strong capacity for innovation, typically with revenues ranging from 1 to 20 million. However, we can support even very small organizations up to more mature enterprises through our participative and agile methodologies tailored to your reality.

We always seek to understand the needs and goals of your business, along with its unique advantage that will set it apart in the market. Espace Stratégies can help you identify growth opportunities, make informed choices and structure your actions to ensure the success of your strategies.

Developing a new strategy or implementing a project can be demanding in terms of time, resources and energy. It is sometimes challenging to move forward with medium or long-term initiatives when organizational members are dealing with daily operations and tasks essential to the smooth functioning of the business. Espace Stratégies can adapt to each client’s needs to relieve them of the mental burden associated with the realization and deployment of these strategies.


We can assist you in:

  • Determining the feasibility and maturity of a project by developing a commercial, operational, and financial feasibility study
  • Co-creating a business plan for fundraising or presenting it to potential investors
  • Connecting with experts to access specialized knowledge and skills
  • Developing a marketing strategy both locally and internationally
  • Reflecting on the best strategies for the company’s growth potential



Espace Stratégies possesses expertise in both strategic and financial planning and an understanding of entrepreneurial reality, enabling us to accelerate organizational growth through realistic and effective solutions. We rely on our knowledge of the business ecosystem to provide relevant interventions and assist in the development of innovative projects.

This knowledge allows us direct access to a variety of contacts in diverse fields, including research institutions such as College Centres for the Transfer of Technologies (CCTTs). Coupled with our adaptability and agility, this enables us to meet very specific needs and acquire the necessary and appropriate expertise for your projects.



The following advisory services are particularly recommended for innovative businesses:



Espace Stratégies works with various types of organizations. This 360-degree ecosystem enables us to navigate between several universes and create unexpected connections. Click here to discover all our clientele.



For many years, the leadership team at Insum has chosen Espace Stratégies to assist in strategically planning its growth and support in preparing for its annual meeting. ES has also supported Insum in numerous mandates, including the development of its strategic plan, business plan, marketing strategy including sales, as well as its considerations regarding the company’s transfer. In November 2021, this global leader in Oracle APEX solutions was acquired by the Talan Group. The company has since continued its expansion under its leadership.

Spectrum Pharma

ES worked with Spectrum Pharma’s shareholders and new management team to determine a shared vision and direction, creating beautiful synergies.


Technorm is a consulting company for the construction industry in codes and standards, building fire safety, technical-legal expertise and continuing education. ES worked with the management team in a comprehensive strategic reflection, including the organization’s purpose, values, strategic objectives and future growth directions.