Organizational assessment and diagnosis

Organisational Assessment and Diagnosis, Espace Stratégies

Organisational assessment and diagnosis

Organisational assessment is for any organisation facing challenges related to its smooth functioning, resources (human or financial), operations, strategic alignment or marketing development. It involves in-depth analysis of internal and external mechanisms to provide recommendations. Organisations can use these recommendations to target specific issues and implement effective and sustainable solutions.

Espace Stratégies offers a personalised approach adapted to each client’s situation and the unique challenges organisations may encounter. The process begins with an internal diagnosis using existing documentation analysis and interviews with key personnel, administrators and other stakeholders.

Our consultants highlight issues affecting organisational health in areas such as:

Espace Stratégies may also conduct an external diagnosis to understand how the organisation positions itself within its ecosystem. Consultants use specific tools and methodologies in interviews with industry stakeholders to gather relevant information that serves to identify various issues. Some questions to consider include:

  • What trends and dynamics are at play in the external environment?
  • How is the organisation perceived in its environment? By its partners?
  • What external factors and pressures could influence the organisation?


What is the timeline for an organisational diagnosis?

An organisational diagnosis process typically takes one to three months, depending on the organisation’s needs.



An organisational diagnosis can be a report, including observations, recommendations and an implementation proposal based on gathered information and analyses.

The process may also include a user survey, employee gatherings, workshops and discussions to engage various parts of your organisation.



Organisational diagnoses are for non-profit organisations, cities, municipalities, economic development agencies and businesses.

You may need an organisational diagnosis if you observe one or more of the following situations within your organisation:

  • A sense that your organisation faces obstacles that are hindering future planning and effective mission fulfilment
  • High employee turnover
  • Lengthy board meetings and challenging decision-making
  • Internal team tensions
  • Duplication or unmet needs in certain services
  • Dissatisfaction with operations management


How can Espace Stratégies assist you?

Espace Stratégies is an independent firm that provides an outside perspective on your organisation’s challenges. As an outside collaborator, we bring fresh ideas and challenge certain problematic status quos. We regularly work with public and municipal organisations, businesses, non-profits, investors and the government. We use our understanding of various stakeholders and their needs to make relevant connections.




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Care Montréal and Cap Saint-Barnabé

In 2022, Care Montréal and Cap Saint-Barnabé, two organisations dedicated to assisting individuals experiencing homelessness, decided to merge their services. Espace Stratégies provided strategic advisory to ensure the consolidation process was effective. ES helped Cap and Care identify the best business model to preserve the value proposition of both organisations. This included determining the future organisation’s strategic positioning and development vision and implementing the changes necessary for a seamless and effective transition.

Centre de loisirs Lajeunesse and Patro Le Prévost

Le Centre Lajeunesse and Patro Le Prévost enlisted Espace Stratégies to ensure a successful merger. The goal was to support their strategic reflection committee and both boards of directors in developing a new organisational model (structure, governance, labour relations, service offerings, etc.) and in negotiations with the borough. They achieved a harmonious merger by successfully navigating the challenge of blending the different organisational cultures.


ABZAC, an international leader in the cardboard transformation sector, called on Espace Stratégies during a period of significant growth to enhance customer service performance and efficiency. The objective was to establish and maintain synergy between production sites and the company’s business sectors (change management).

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