Our Strategic Approach

Our Strategic Approach, Espace Stratégies

« Strategic thinking is essential to sustainable superior performance. »

— Untangling Ideas —

The abundance of ideas in organizations creates complexity and a sense of confusion. We use our approach to navigate through this complexity and the multitude of ideas and opportunities to understand organizations, identify and prioritize the best ideas and develop a common vision.

Our strength is our ability to lead our clients through a unique strategic reflection process adapted to the specific situation of each organization, business or territory, and its unique needs.

What are the tools of a strategic approach?

A strategic approach might involve a strategic planning or review exercise, a business model or business plan for a project, a growth plan, conducting consultations, an economic forum and much more!

— Mobilizing People —

ESPACE STRATÉGIES uses a unique, innovative and mobilizing strategic review approach that strengthens and consolidates organizations’ identity and strategic vision. Through our review process, stakeholders come together and mobilize to participate actively in consultation.

— Innovating and Collaborating with Clients —

  • Strategic planning and economic development EXPERTISE
  • A RIGOROUS and proven strategic reflection PROCESS
  • COLLABORATION with leaders, elected officials and citizens
  • Mobilizing and dynamic CONSULTATION, where stakeholders are brought together to participate actively using new consultation techniques
  • An astonishing capacity for INNOVATION and CREATIVITY, adapted to needs