Dionne + Gagnon transforms into Espace stratégies

espace stratégies, Espace Stratégies

September 1st, 2016 – Espace Stratégies

Dionne + Gagnon rebrands itself as Espace Stratégies to support the current growth trajectory of the company.

Guided by the same values, ESPACE STRATÉGIES continues the momentum initiated by Dionne + Gagnon five years ago, offering distinctive services in economic development, strategic planning, and support. The company operates in four business environments: economic development organizations, municipalities and regional county municipalities (RMCs), businesses, and non-profit organizations.

ESPACE STRATÉGIES is led by Jocelyn Gagnon, a founding member of Dionne + Gagnon. As a recognized and seasoned professional, Mr. Gagnon brings over 30 years of experience in organizational advisory and economic development strategy development. His expertise is complemented by a renewed team that combines dynamism, competence, and experience. The strength of the ESPACE STRATÉGIES team lies in its ability to listen, mobilize and engage, coupled with remarkable creative and innovative skills.

The company’s growth prompted a comprehensive reflection – initiated in spring 2016 – on the various business models and its image. ESPACE STRATÉGIES presents a contemporary design and logo reflecting the company’s mission: to assist organizations in achieving their ambitions and reaching new heights.