Lucie Rondeau

Lucie Rondeau, Espace Stratégies

Lucie Rondeau is an administrative assistant at Espace Stratégies.

She retired from Université de Montréal on June 1, 2014, after 35 years of service. Since then, she has held positions as an assistant to the director at Elections Canada and as an investigator at Statistics Canada, among others.

Lucie Rondeau holds a Diploma of Collegial Studies in Secretarial Studies from Collège de Rosemont, and a Bachelor of Science by cumulation of certificates from Université de Montréal and HEC Montréal.

Considered a professional with strong organizational and teamwork skills, motivated and able to achieve high standards of excellence through constant attention to detail. Demonstrating a keen interest in the French language, her skills are recognized in editing of any document.

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