Talking to Gen Z

, Espace StratégiesWhat do you know about Gen Z? Were any of your colleagues born after 1997? How is this generation different from yours? This lunchtime webinar, which brought together managers from different generations, sought to define this much-discussed generation. Jocelyn Gagnon, founding partner of Espace Stratégies, took part as a manager at the invitation of Hémisphère Formation. Working in a team of about twenty people of all generations, from baby boomers to four Gen Z colleagues, he came away with some clear insights. In the general opinion of the panellists, who compared their impressions with the results of a recent survey, young colleagues stand out for their open-mindedness, their desire to work in a healthy environment, and their desire to make a real contribution to the betterment of society. A breath of optimism that makes you want to get to know them and work with them!