Effective Transitions Planning in 2024

Effective Transitions Planning in 2024, Espace Stratégies

During strategic planning discussions with our clients, we often highlight major ongoing transitions and inquire how these transitions are being factored into their development vision. How does your organisation or business address ongoing transitions? Here are some of our perspectives for the beginning of this year:

1/ Demographic Transition: Quebec’s population is ageing rapidly, leading to significant imbalances in the labour market. Additionally, the population has grown substantially, driven by both immigration and birth rates. This population growth creates pressure on municipal, community and social services, impacting housing availability, workforce dynamics, as well as individual and goods mobility. How is your organisation positioned amidst these changes? How do we think these phenomena and their impacts will evolve?

2/ Ecological and Climate Transition: The rising number of extreme weather events requires quicker adaptation to emerging risk factors, alongside evolving regulations and concerns regarding greenhouse gas emissions. How do we comply with new policies, adapt best practices and select from the array of innovative solutions offered?

3/ Digital/Technological Transition: Artificial intelligence, notably ChatGPT, has made a remarkable entrance into the workplace, and this is just the beginning. The impact of this technology, which makes it possible to generate written, visual and auditory content, is starting to be felt across creative, educational and analytical domains. It may disrupt these sectors, causing shifts in work methods and job landscapes. In 2024, the unavoidable question arises—how does this threaten your organisation and what opportunities does it present?

Analysing our ecosystem through the lens of these three major transitions helps us better grasp the driving forces affecting each of our organisations. Better understanding leads to better action!

Happy 2024!